Why We love Dates

If you’re single and looking for love, chances are you’ve fielded this question once or ten times.

“What about trying online dating? My cousin’s sister’s daughter met her boyfriend online. You should do it!”

Online dating success stories are everywhere, but if you’ve never searched for love online the idea of putting yourself out there, literally, can be super intimidating. Maybe you’ve tried it or maybe you’ve been contemplating putting up a profile for weeks now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Or maybe you’re one of those people who think that online dating is for people who just can’t get a date anywhere else…not you, no way, Ms. Home on your 9th Saturday night in a row.

The reality of it is that if you’re serious about finding love, meeting your soul mate, or just want to meet new people online dating is the very first thing you should do.


Because everyone else is. Online dating is the #1 way to meet someone you’ll click with, simply because there are so many people who have profiles up on online dating sites. It’s a huge numbers game, and the numbers are in your favor. It’s not like going to a crowded bar and hoping the cute guy in the corner is single…on an online dating site, you KNOW he is (well, jeez…hopefully) and there is no guessing game involved. You’re both online, looking for the same thing. Now he can buy you a drink.

Because you can search for exactly who you want. If your friends are always telling you you’re too picky, online dating will embrace you with open arms! On many online dating sites, you can search for other members based on whatever your heart desires.

Location, profession, interests, physical appearance, or even how often someone logs in can all be used to search for exactly the person you’re looking for. You can be as broad or as specific as you’d like. This is the one time we’ll admit that online dating is totally like online shopping. Except the return policy is much easier.

Because you simply never know. The absolute best and worst thing about online dating is this-you never know who you’re going to click with and who you aren’t. There is nothing predictable about online dating. You might be emailing back and forth for a week with a cute guy but when you meet in person find that there is no chemistry.

Or, you might not be too impressed by someone’s profile and photos but agree to meet him for a drink anyway…and he ends up being the man of your dreams. If you can let go of your expectations and go with the flow, you can find love online.

Let’s not forget the most important reason, of course…

Because you’ll win points on Fantasy Dating Game, obviously!

We Love Dates is a worldwide online dating site with members in the US, UK, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. For more dating advice and tips, check out their award-winning We Love Dates blog.

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