why it’s important Not To Rush In

That crooked smile. The way he says your name. The first time your fingers touch his. The first kiss that sends butterflies down your spine.

There are so many moments and reasons to just let yourself fall, fall, fall.

We all love the excitement and romance of dating. And all those firsts can culminate in explosive emotions. But that’s the problem.

Too much emotion can totally bury logic. Plus the more emotional we are, the more the potential for heartbreak grows.

So, instead of throwing yourself, full throttle, into a relationship, try tapping the breaks. Not to be a buzzkill but as a precaution.

We exercise caution in most areas of our lives. We wear safety gear when we play sports. We buckle up and watch the road as we drive. We research neighborhoods before we move into them. We carefully weigh business decisions before we make them.

But when it comes to dating, we meet someone, go on a date or two, decide he’s the one, become completely distracted from work, family and friends, and then end up shocked and heartbroken when it doesn’t work out.

And then, we do it again.

Why? Because the thrill is amazing. All of those firsts are intoxicating. They’re like freedom shooting through your soul.

So why not slow down and enjoy them? Why not focus on getting to know him? Before deciding he’s the one, take the time to discover the unsexy with the sexy.

As you discover more about the person you’re dating, ask yourself, does he meet my non-negotiables? And if not, how does he deal with dealbreakers? How does he treat you? How does he make you feel overall?

Remember to keep your logical needs in mind. Then just take things one date at a time.

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