Why Hi is the Greatest Pickup line of All Time

So there you are, at Whole Foods or at the bar or the dog park or the carwash. (Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter where you are – any place is a good place to meet singles.) And you see him. He’s got an ease about him. Like waiting in line for his latte is a perfectly enjoyable experience.

He smiles at the person he’s ordering from. It’s like his eyes smile too. You want to do something. Say anything. His order is almost ready. When it is, he’ll walk out the door. What should you do? You know nothing about him. So, what are you supposed to say?

Cheesy pick up lines spin around your head. Some advice about asking an interesting question or complimenting someone starts to make you dizzy, and right now, you’re so nervous you can’t even remember your shoe size. So what should you do?

Just say “Hi.”

“Hi” is the greatest pickup line of all time because it shows the other person you’re open, friendly and you’re smart enough to know that you only get a few seconds to connect with someone. If you don’t say something, you’ll lose that opportunity forever. So, why not take a chance and simply say, “Hi”?

The great part about saying, “Hi,” is that it’s a reflex for the other person to say, “Hi” back. Think about it. What do you do when someone says, “Hi” to you? You say, “Hi” back, right?

It’s also a great test to find out if the other person is cool. If the other person doesn’t say, “Hi” back, you instantly know that he or she is not someone you want to flirt with anyway.

Now that you know why “Hi” is the greatest pickup line of all time, it’s important to remember that how you say, “Hi” is key to your flirting success. So smile! It sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes, if you’re nervous, your facial expression may show it. Destroy any chances of displaying anxious facial expressions by smiling. A simple smile shows you’re confident and open to meeting new people.

Once you get a “Hi” back, keep the conversation rolling by asking a question. Use the situation around you or whatever you’re doing as a basis for the question. If you’re ordering food, ask, “What are you getting?” If you’re at a dog park, ask, “What’s your dog’s name?” If you’re on a train, ask, “Where are you headed?” If you’re at a party, ask, “How do you know the host?”

You get the idea. The key is breaking the ice and starting the conversation. All you have to do is use the greatest pickup line of all time and say, “Hi.” The rest is up to you.

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