What Happened to Real Dates?

Feedback from our 20 something Fantasy Daters is revealing an unsettling trend. Instead of being asked out, ahead of time, on a date, a lot of these girls are getting ambiguous texts from guys at odd times.

Don’t get me wrong, a text is a text. You’ll still get your two points. But receiving, “Hey, I’m at Bar X,” at 10:00 on a Friday night is not an invitation to join him. An invitation to join would be, “Hey, I’m at Bar X. Would you like to join me for a drink?”

So, what is that text? And what’s a girl supposed to do with it? A lot of them respond with, “Have fun!” or something like that because if they dash off to meet a guy at 10:00 PM, what does that say to the guy? Here are some guesses.

“She’ll drop anything for me.”

“Wow. She wasn’t doing anything? Maybe she’s a loser.”

“She totally wants to have sex with me.”

Regardless of exactly which one he’s thinking, all three of these thought patterns aren’t good. And they’re definitely not going to get girls any closer to that real date.

But the question is, is that just the way the Millennials are dating? Is that what 20 something’s should settle for?

Because we’re all about empowering you to build confidence and take chances, we don’t believe you should settle for any of it. If you want to be romanced and taken to dinner and plays, ask for it. If you like being given flowers, don’t settle for midnight texts. Let guys know you’re not going to run to whatever location he randomly announces via text.

But all of this is hard when you’re worrying about whether or not he likes you. So instead, shift your focus to figuring out whether or not you like him. From the moment you meet him, set the bar high. If he really likes you, he’ll rise to meet it.

Are you experiencing something similar? Or are your dates planning ahead?

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