Tips For Bringing Someone Home For The Holidays

So, you want to bring your new boyfriend or girlfriend home for the holidays. The first thing to do is to make sure you’re ready. Bringing a significant another home to meet your family is kind of a big deal. And even if it isn’t that monumental to you, it might be to the person you’re dating. So, if you’ve only gone out three times, it might be a little soon to suggest a meet and greet on one of the biggest days of the year.

Once you’re sure you’re ready to introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your family, follow these tips to reduce the stress:

Be honest. If you have a crazy Aunt Carol, let your significant other know that she’ll probably get drunk and pick a fight with the rose bushes. Don’t try to hide the liquor from Aunt Carol or pretend that you’ve never seen her behave like that. Let crazy be crazy. If your significant other plans on being with you for the long haul, that means they’ll have to deal with Aunt Carol forever. Might as well start while that person is completely infatuated with you.

Describe your family members. This doesn’t mean you need to detail every moment of your family history. Just give your date an idea of what to expect. Share things like, “My dad is hockey nut,” or “My mom is a terrible cook,” or “My sister can talk too much.” Those details can not only help your plus one picture how the day will go, but it might put them at ease to know your family isn’t perfect.

Keep it short. If your family lives close by, and you can arrange it, invite your new love over for part of the day – not the whole thing. If you go to your mom’s at 6:00 am on Thanksgiving to stuff the turkey and put it in the oven, invite your significant other over for dinner. Don’t expect him or her to spend the whole day at your parents’ house.

Try for a two to three-hour window. For example, if your date is having a Thanksgiving meal with his or her family, extend an invitation for drinks before dinner or dessert afterward. That way, you avoid the pressure of an all-day family event. Plus, your date and your family will be able to keep it light and fun.

But, if the crazy gets really crazy, don’t panic. Whatever you do, remember that your new special someone is into you. Otherwise, he or she wouldn’t show up. So, enjoy the day. Even if you have to laugh about it later.

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