The Top 3 Reasons Women Should Ask Men Out

Traditionally, we know that it’s the man who initiates the dating experience. This is not only due to the biological history of men (as Hunters) and women (as Gatherers), but also due to our modern-day societal norms. And although I consider myself an old-fashioned kind of girl, I think it is perfectly okay for a woman to take control of her dating life and ask a man out on a date. Here are “Amie’s Top 3” reasons I think women should ask men out.

Men actually Like it.

According to a survey from of 5,000 single men and women, 65 percent of guys have been asked out by a woman and 91 percent of men are cool with a woman making that first move and asking them out.

That is not a misprint. 91%! Where else in life do you see numbers that are that much in your favor? I feel that this could be due in part to fact that so many men out there like a woman with confidence and what gives them a better glimpse of confidence by asking them out on a date.
I have always been a believer when it comes to dating it’s not just a game of the heart, but also a numbers game. If you take someone who goes on one date a year and compares them to someone who goes on 10 dates a year, who do you think is more likely to find that special someone?
Sure the quality of the potential partner’s matters a great deal, but if you are screening out so many people or “not putting yourself out there,” then you are less likely to find that special someone. The bottom line is, if you take charge and ask out a guy or two, who may have otherwise not asked you out, then you might have just given yourself more opportunities. And just like in life, the more opportunities you have, the more likely you will achieve success.
If your goal is to get married, then you should be taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you. And let me be clear, the goal is to marry the “right” person, not just any person. By the way, how would you know what type of person would be a good fit for you without going out with different types of dating prospects?
So, if you’re not getting asked out or going out, then it’s time you start taking charge of your love life. But before you do, make sure you gauge interest first. See if he’s responding to your flirts. If he does respond with a flirt back, continue the conversation until you feel it’s a green light!
No matter if you’re a man or woman asking, it’s always important to get a clear sense of what the answer is to “Would you be interested in going out?” before even initiating the conversation. In the survey, I pointed out earlier, “91% of men are comfortable with a woman doing the asking (in fact, 65% of guys say they’ve already been asked out by a woman).” That means there are plenty of women out there that are doing this right now, if you can’t beat them, join them.
I dare you to stretch yourself to “Be the Chooser” and give it a try, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You might meet the love of your life!
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