The Top 10 Reasons To Start Dating Now

Everywhere you go, someone or some tweet is ready to tell you why dating sucks. Messages about how hard it is and why you shouldn’t even bother trying are everywhere. It’s like a conspiracy theory to keep you at a table for one forever.

We’re so sure none of that’s true that we came up with the Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Dating Now:

1: Dating Is Fun.

Flirting is fun. Getting to know new people is exciting. The key is to not take it too seriously. We’re talking about going on a few dates – not marrying the first person you meet. Just have fun with it.

2: You get to do all those things you haven’t tried.

Dating provides a great opportunity to try all those things you haven’t done. Why not make a date to go paddleboarding? Or check out that museum you never made it to? Make a list of places to go and things to do. Then do them on a date!

3: You want to meet someone who makes feel like a superstar.

You may tell people you’re fine by yourself (and you may be). But why feel fine when you can feel like a superstar? Deep down we all crave the kind of love that makes us feel amazing. So, why not go for what you want?

4: Life isn’t meant to be boring.

Sure, if you want to spend every weekend on the couch watching TV, that’s your choice. But don’t you get the feeling that there’s more to life than re-runs? Why not create your own real-life cliffhangers?

5: Dating builds Confidence.

Every time you flirt with someone, you get a little practice. The same goes for introducing yourself to someone and getting their number and going on dates. With every experience, you learn more about what you want and don’t want. As you date, you feel more and more confident. And confidence is sexy.

6: You’ll get to make out.

Who doesn’t love a good make-out session? Well, unless your date, you won’t have any reason to pucker up. If you want intimate moments, it’s up to you to pursue them.

7: Dating is thrilling.

How amazing is it when someone you like calls you? And what about that tingly feeling you get when he holds your hand? And then the first kiss. Like when your stomach does that flippy thing and the next day, all you can think about is that moment. What’s better than that?

8: Dating is easier than ever.

With all the dating tools out there, from online dating to speed dating to Fantasy Dating, there’s really no excuse to not date. There’s a tool for everyone. Try a few. See what you’re comfortable with and find out what works best for you.

9: you deserve to love and be loved.

The bottom line is, you deserve it. You are and always have been good enough.

10: There’s no time like the present.

Why wait? Haven’t you been waiting long enough?

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