Seven Reasons To Dare To Online Date

Dating is a numbers game. It’s simple, if you go on zero dates, you have zero chances of finding love. Online dating is a great way to maximize your chances of meeting new people. Plus, it’s a great way to get in the habit of dating and figure out what you do and don’t want in a partner.

Still, need a little nudge? Here are seven reasons to try online dating:

1: Options, options, and More Options.

Online dating gives you zillions of options. Every site holds so many people to connect with. Your goal is to go on as many dates as possible and online dating is a great way to meet people who you might not ever meet otherwise.

2: Niche Sites.

Are you crazy about golfing? Biking? Yoga? Star Trek? Whatever you love to do, there’s a dating site that can match you with someone who loves the same thing. If you’re worried you may never meet someone who loves video games or rock climbing as much as you do, just google your favorite hobbies plus “dating site” and you’ll be on your way to dating a match.

3: It’s Fun!

Reading dating profiles is not only fascinating, but it’s also fun. Finding a witty profile, and then getting to know someone is exciting and entertaining.

4: Stretch Your Comfort Zone.

We’re all about daring you to try new things. So if you haven’t online dated yet, we dare you to try it. Trying new things builds confidence. Feeling confident not only feels good, but it’s also sexy.

5: Expand Your Social Circle.

Most of us have a circle of friends with who we spend most of our time with. Online dating provides a great opportunity to expand that circle and your world. Just think of all the awesome new stuff you could discover by meeting new people.

6: You get To Practice Dating.

Dating takes practice. Think about it. If your last date was two years ago, how nervous would you be on your next date? Online dating gives you the potential to meet new people and date them all the time. The more frequently you date, the more comfortable you’ll be with it and the more chances you’ll have to find love.

7: It’s a Great Way To earn Fantasy Dating Points.

Messages you get on online dating sites earn just as many points as a text from someone you met at the dog park. By online dating, you can maximize your potential to earn Fantasy Dating points and meet a ton of people at the same time.

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