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Shopping and men. These are a few of our favorite things! Can you imagine putting them together? Well, now you can! At, women can shop – for men.

That’s right. puts women in control by allowing us to browse men’s profiles and add them to our shopping bags. That way, unlike other online dating sites, women avoid unwanted contact and the men enjoy the pleasure of being selected.

Fantasy Daters know that finding love is a numbers game, so we encourage you to use Why not create a profile, load up some flattering pics, and browse the latest selection of men? gives women the opportunity to make the first move. As we know, Fantasy Daters are all about being proactive when it comes to finding love. So, is the Fantasy Dater’s ultimate dating tool. Use it to enjoy some fun shopping, meet more guys and rack up the points!

This bold new way to date provides a fun opportunity for you to check out all sorts of guys and choose who you’re interested in, rather than wasting time sifting through messages from people you may not be attracted to. And it’s great for men because they don’t have to gauge a woman’s interest level. If you bag him – he knows you’re interested!

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