Safety Tips

In all sports, safety is important. Fantasy Dating can be pretty exciting, so before getting all wrapped up in the action, here are some BASIC safety tips to remember while out in the field:

Use the buddy system. Play with a wingman/wing girl. Going out together will heighten the competition and fun while providing the comfort of knowing your league mate has your back.

Share your strategies with your league. When you head out into the field, post an update on your player profile to let your league mates know where you are. Keep your cell on you so you can submit points or call for help if you need an out.

Stay sober. Fantasy Dating is exhilarating enough. Do not do anything that might cloud your judgment and cause you to make poor decisions.

Stay in public places with prospects. Regular dating rules apply here. Never go to a private or remote location with a stranger – no matter how hot he or she is.

Keep your stuff to yourself. That includes your address, personal information, your purse and personal belongings. You do not want to risk your safety or theft.

Use your head. If you’re Fantasy Dating, you’re clearly brilliant. So remember to adhere to all your normal street-smart rules. Never leave your drink or purse unattended. Never get in a car with a stranger. Never tell a stranger where you live and/or details about your living situation, like the fact that you live alone. Remember all those things Mama taught you, because smart rules apply when playing The Game.

Create a team playbook. What’s a team without a playbook? As a league, come up with your own Fantasy Dating Safety Do’s and Don’ts and hold your players accountable. Like Coach always said, “Safety First.”