Motivation Only A Girlfriend’s Dare Can Provide

I am very happy to report that Fantasy Dating Game delivered on its promise to help me find love. There is much to be said for the camaraderie and friendly (ok, sometimes not-so-friendly!) competition with your buddies as a benefit all on its own, but the really big prize is coming out at the end of two league seasons with a fantastic boyfriend. Touchdown!

I never did get that great at approaching guys in a bar (I am in absolute AWE of my friends who can do this), but I gave it a shot a couple of times in the name of the game – and both times the guy was blown away by the fact that I had done so. My confidence got a HUGE boost from those experiences.

However, my preferred venue for meeting new guys was online dating, and being on FDG caused me to really step up my efforts and go ahead and respond to every profile that made me smile.

Not only did I meet a lot of interesting guys (surprisingly few duds!), go on a bunch of enjoyable dates (no horror stories!), and sample a wide variety of fancy cocktails (my date of choice, but only 1-2 adult bevies per date of course!), I also met the handsome lovely I have been seeing for almost 3 months now. Let’s hear it for the motivation only a girlfriend’s dare can provide!

If you are trying to decide whether or not to try Fantasy Dating, I urge you not to hesitate! This is fun AND effective; clearly a win-win.

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