Gust post form Mature Cornwall Dating There is More to Cornwall then the pasties!

Sure, Cornwall is a fantastic place to wind down, to holiday, and relax. But for some of us, we’re not quite ready to retire from the dating scene.

Serene and beautiful countryside with seaside adjacent, places like Cornwall tend to attract those who want to take it easy. Those who have taken it down a gear and are determined to keep the gear shift firmly in its place.

But not all of us want to stay flanking the hard shoulder for the rest of our lives. You don’t have to have a bonnet crammed with horsepower to travel on the inside lane once in a while. Just make sure you can keep up with traffic!

OK, I think I’ve ridden that driving analogy far enough now…

But just because you are verging the crest of the hill doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view. If you’ve got a sled, it makes it even more enjoyable! The fact is, you’re only as old as you feel, or in some cases, how you act. And if that involves tobogganing, then so be it!

There is so much to do on the South-West coast, and not all of it involves the surf. Yes, every tide brings in a tide of young people that try to tame it, but it’s those that have staying power, and aren’t merely attracted to a seasonal phenomenon that really matters. And often they don’t have a surfboard attached to the roof rack of their car.

It would be fantastic to enjoy the more active pursuits of the Cornish coast and still be able to enjoy the delicacies of a Cornish tea room (clotted cream and all). So why settle for anything less? It’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to imagine they’re somewhere at a table drinking tea, creaming up their scone and still wearing their wet suit!

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