From the Players: O’s Gas Station Score

While my points may be lax this season compared to the last two seasons (undefeated champion here, BTW), joining Fantasy Dating has definitely changed the men I meet, the way I meet them, and where I meet them!

While I know I haven’t technically “won” the ultimate prize by finding love, I can definitely say I’ve had the time of my life losing! About a month ago, after dropping a friend off for the evening, I stopped to get gas. There was a SUPER fine guy pumping gas in front of me, and I knew I needed to rack up some fantasy points that week, so I said, “Hi.”

The next thing I know, we’re sitting down for some drinks and phenomenal conversation. It wasn’t until I glanced down at my watch that I realized six hours had gone by!

Reluctantly, I pulled myself away from my Gas Station Hottie and dragged my tired self home. Since that night, we’ve spent three unbelievable weekends together. While it may not be forever, I gotta give credit to Fantasy Dating, because who meets men at a gas station other than Fantasy Daters?! Thank you,!

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