Five Dangerous Dating Myths

The desire to find love will never grow old. That’s why there are so many theories, strategies, and dating tools out there. While many of these theories and tools are valuable, some of them prove to be dangerous dating myths. Here are five dangerous dating myths to watch out for:

Life is not a Disney movie. And as much as we might love to be whisked off on a white horse to Happily Ever After Land, that’s not going to happen. The idea that a perfect person is going to show up someday and transport us to a perfect world is not only silly, but it’s also dangerous.

This myth sets an expectation that no human will ever meet. If you believe it, every man who pulls up in a Toyota to take you out for a burger and a movie is going to register in your subconscious as a mere troll. Don’t set yourself up for a lifetime of sabotage. When it comes to fairy tales, just let it go.

Sure, if a man in shining armor appeared at your front door on his white horse, you’d know he was Prince Charming. (Or an escapee from a loony bin.) But the idea of simply “just knowing” that the person you’re dating is “the one” also sets you up for failure.

When relationships first begin, they’re all intoxicating. You can’t stop touching each other. Each kiss makes your stomach do somersaults. You can’t work, sleep or think about anything but that person. Sure, there are varying degrees of a love buzz. But for the most part, it’s impossible to know how a relationship will unfold. And deciding “you just know” will lead to serious disappointment in the long run.

So instead of predicting the future, focus on the present and enjoy yourself.

Believing in “The One” is quite similar to waiting for Prince Charming. Believing that there is one soulmate out there who destined for you, and rejecting everyone else you meet until “you just know” that “the one” has arrived, is a great way to end up alone. Not to mention you’ll miss out on so many great people if you assume that they’re not quite “the one.”

We can thank Jerry Maguire for the most damaging movie quote ever. No one can complete you. You complete yourself. If you are waiting for someone to complete you, you will be waiting forever.

The idea that men love bitches does nothing but spawn spinsters. Sure, men like women who are confident and can stand up for themselves. Contrary to pop culture, they do not like bitches. They don’t want to be with mean, egotistical, narcissists. They want to be with women who are comfortable with themselves, smart, and fun.

Let’s put a huge emphasis on the fun. Guys don’t like drama. They don’t like cattiness and they don’t want anything to be any more complicated than it needs to be. They just want to enjoy life and have fun. So, don’t go believing that ordering a man around or being mean is going to keep him close to you. It’s going to make him run. Fast.

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