How To Play

Like in any other Fantasy Sport, players create leagues, set stakes, and compete to earn points. But when you Fantasy Date, you score by dating!

To get in the game, create a quick Player Profile. Then invite friends to start a league. If you don’t have single friends, don’t worry, the game will go on! You can search to meet single players in your area or join an existing virtual League. It doesn’t matter where you play, it only matters how you play the game.

When you score, add points to your personal scoreboard. Post updates on your progress and play to win! Check out your league mates’ scores, updates, and recent plays on your League page.

The winner will accumulate the most points over a 10 week Season. But the ultimate prize is LOVE!

Scoring Breakdown

Play Points
Number Exchanged


Email / Text Received


Call Received


Went on a Date


After-Date Contact


The Rules

1. Every player must uphold the Honor Code.
2. Players must be 18 or older to play.
3. All Fantasy Daters must be single. The people you date must also be single.
4. The maximum number of players per league is 10.
5. Fantasy Dating is NOT responsible for prizes. Each league determines and covers their own stakes.
6. Players can only play in one league at a time.
7. After three dates with the same person, you are no longer eligible to accumulate points from that person. This is not “Fantasy Boyfriend” or “Fantasy Girlfriend” it’s “Fantasy Dating!”