Fantasy Dating Creator Interviewed About Dare to Date Workbook

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Suzanne Casamento, the creator of Fantasy Dating and author of Dare to Date, was recently interviewed on WriteStream Radio.

Suzanne spoke about how her girlfriends inspired her to create Fantasy Dating by complaining, “I’m never going to meet anyone,” and “There are no good guys in LA.” She dared them to change the stories they were telling themselves about why they weren’t dating and get in the game. Once they started Fantasy Dating, in just 10 weeks, they went on more dates than they had in the previous two years.

“The little things had been getting in the way,” Casamento explains. “Things like constantly staring at their phones and negative body language were total main blockers. And the thing is, most of the time, we don’t even realize we’re causing the problems.”

That’s where the Dare to Date workbook comes in. This workbook is full of information, exercises and dares that will transform readers from dateless to daring. It breaks down all the tricky parts about dating, like when to call and when not call.

What to text and what not to text. How to drop a hint but not be too overt. How to exchange numbers without fainting from nerves.

Casamento says the Dare to Date workbook will help singles feel more confident, flirt, reflect on the past to define the future and set themselves up for dating success.

Click the player to listen to Suzanne and WriteStream host, Daria, talk all things dating. Learn how you can put out positive energy, be more memorable, make small talk, drop a hint and ultimately, dare to date!

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