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Dare to Date! Join a league, set stakes and play to win. Earn points by exchanging numbers, receiving texts and calls and going on dates!

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  • 12 Dating Resolutions 20 December, 2014 0 comments

    The beginning of a new year is a great time to set goals for the things you want. And let’s face it, love is the ultimate goal. So, if you’re serious about finding love this year, make the...

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  • Five Ways to Ditch the Drama 15 December, 2014 2 comments

    by Marina Sbrochi, It can feel like never-ending high school when all you hear is gossip and drama. Perhaps it’s your catty co-workers. Your nosy neighbors. The last person you went on a date with. ...

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  • Three Signs He Loves You 07 December, 2014 1 comments

    By Matthew Yount Men are notoriously poor communicators when it comes to their feelings. While emotions like anger, triumph, or pride may be easier for them to display; feelings that cause them to fee...

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