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From the Fantasy Dating Blog

  • Six Dating Turn Offs 22 February, 2017 2 comments

    Different people get turned off by different things, but there are a few turn-offs that are practically universal. Sometimes, some of our habits are so ingrained that we don’t even realize we do...

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  • How to Have a Blast This Valentine’s Day 14 February, 2017 2 comments

    There’s so much hype around Valentine’s Day that even the biggest romantics can get nauseous from one too many candy hearts. But before you go to the dark side an align yourself with Valen...

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  • How to Stop Worrying About What He’s Thinking and Focus on Yourself 02 February, 2017 4 comments

    Every day, women get to our Fantasy Dating site because they search phrases like, “Is he into me?” “Why won’t he call me his ‘girlfriend’?” and “Should ...

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